"Our philosophy is simple: clients come first. We pledge to be held to the highest of ethical standards and to be in constant communication with our clients keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying and selling process. We believe that if you are not left with an amazing experience,  we haven't done our job. We don't measure success through achievements or awards, but rather through the satisfaction of our clients. Let us show you why Townsend Real Estate is uniquely better."



When it comes to our business we are not afraid to break the mold, that's why our office doubles as a social center and art gallery and why our listings are full of professional quality photos that tell real stories. It's our kind of thinking that make us leaders in the industry.

Most importantly we understand that no matter how quickly the world is moving there is one thing that never changes: service. We are dedicated to making sure that everyone of our clients is confident with our services and happy with the way we have handled their needs. Townsend Real Estate has an impeccable reputation for honestly and dedication to our goal of flawless client satisfaction.



Real Estate office advertising all starts to look the same and it's hard to recognize the differences that exist. The biggest challenge when defining your real estate branding strategy is finding one that is unique and pervasive. Townsend Real Estate's brand has been uniquely crafted over time. It is not only noticed and defined for its creativity but also directly for its reputation.



We are a full service, boutique real estate company offering superior customer service and specialized marketing. The hallmark of our company is quality over quantity. Townsend Real Estate has established itself as one of the leading boutique agencies in Southern Maine specializing in residential, investment, historic, new construction, beach communities, commercial and rentals. Townsend Real Estate's passion, local reputation among their peers and strong ties to their community make them a true asset to anyone buying or selling a home.

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